Kickstarter Railway Tracks




Product lines and products

Your house

Make your own house small 6mm/M 1-285

Modells of facade

Medival City 6mm/M 1-285 (work in progress)

Architecture modells

Buildings M 1-100 (work in progress)


Railway Tracks (work in progress)
Wheels for Railway Tracks (work in progress)
Vehicles für Railway Tracks (work in progress)

Wall brackets

for Hobby and Creativs (work in progress)

for Food Boxes

    for Spice boxes

    • ca. 4,0 x 10,0cm available from China/Indien
    • ca. 4,0 x 9,0cm available by Tupperware
    • ca. 4,3/4,0 x 10,0cm available by Kik/Tedi/Leorzx

    for Food boxes

    • ca. 7,75 x 16,4cm available by Ikea
    • ca. 7,7 x 10,0cm available by Tupperware
    • ca. 8,0 x 20,0cm available by Tupperware